Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Final Project

1. The purpose of my site was to sell a new baseball bat. The bat is equipped with Zepp technology, which allows the user to see details about his/her swing. The technology allows for them to see if their swing is efficient or not.

2. I believe that my final version is not bad. If I had more time, I would have been able to fix some of the pictures on the website. Also, I believe that I could add more products on the product page.

3. The easiest part was laying out my ideas for the website. I was able to pick the background and find a font color pretty quickly. I also was easily able to make all of the web pages to work together. The hardest part was making sure everything looked visually right. For example adding padding to my links, and creating the menu in general. Also, I had some trouble with having one of my lists add a new column to the table.

4. I thought the class was just right. It was a good mix of introducing coding with putting it all together. It actually made me interested in computer science.

5. I thought the format was magnificent. It made learning be at your own pace. This actually worked very well, as many of us worked at different speeds.

6. I believe that this works pretty well. It makes the class stick out as a class which people enjoy coming to as it is not as strict as others at this school. It also makes people learn responsibility a little bit more than in a standard setting.